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There's no feeling like it in the world. The supernatural speed. The wind howling at you to go faster. The overwhelming freedom rushing over you. It almost feels wrong to pull back on such a power-thirsty throttle to release an electrifying symphony-orchestra of boiling octane and sizzling race pipes. The bike breathes in and out like an organ. Senses flood in a hair-raising experience of heart-pumping, mind-racing exhilaration. Physics as you know it, go out the window. How can the world slow down so quickly while you move through it so fast? Even the heart beats pump in slow motion. Relativity? According to Einstein, it's called the curvature of space and time.

And, what better way to travel across countries to experience geography and nature? What better way to sail down smooth winding roads and carve through canyons as spirit-like mist curls above colossal mountains? What better way to meet the various inquisitive faces and quirky personalities that dwell amongst these wonders? There's a bit of that traveling vagabond feel when you're at the mercy of mother nature and her elements but the open road, nature's surprises and the new faces you meet are what make it a magical experience.

Motorcycle touring journal. Two Buddies.
Motorcycle touring journal. Mountains.
Motorcycle touring journal. Mountains.
Motorcycle touring journal. Superbike carving up moutain roads.

When I first decided to sit my butt on that hot leather seat and become a biker, I had no idea that I'd be joining an unspoken almost secret society-like brotherhood of bikers. No matter what language you speak, where you come from, or what part of the world you are in at the moment, there will always be a biker somewhere on that road who will have your back and ride with you. Biker brothers related by the high-viscosity adrenaline that runs through our veins.

Motorcycle touring journal. Tattoo.
Motorcycle touring journal.

Whenever you are stranded on the side of the road, if a biker passes you, most likely he'll stop by to check on you to see if you need help. Whenever a biker rides by you, they'll always wave to say hi or give you a hand signal to warn you of a hazard coming up on the road. There's a strong camaraderie in the biker community that's often buried underneath the aggressive tough-guy impression that most people see.


Yoshimura R55 mid-pipe racing exhaust.

It wasn't long before I removed the sleepy stock exhaust pipe for this baby. The factory Yoshimura R55 MotoGP superbike hybrid racing exhaust. A Japanese race engineering tradition know for it's prestigious motorcycle parts and legendary racing craftsmanship for Suzuki superbikes.


As soon as the engine turns, and the throttle pulls back, the bike roars like never before. All that suppressed power was finally unlocked and released to freely roam the roads like it was meant to.


Motorcycle racing builds.

Whenever you change components that affect engine performance, you also have to tune the engine to compensate for these changes. After installing the racing exhaust,  racing air filter, and the high-performance fuel pump, it was time to install the PowerCommander and tune the engine on a Dyno.

Motorcycle racing builds.
Motorcycle racing builds.

The Dyno tune not only increased horsepower, torque, and acceleration, it also made the engine more fuel efficient and created a butter-smooth power curve to eliminate any herky-jerky abrupt performance with the throttle. It also now screams like an eagle soaring through a canyon. Needles to say, it was a pretty fierce tune. "Drakarys".

So you, stay tuned for more adventures and more road trip dances.

Funny dancing.
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