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As a gear loving auto-head, I love the smell of high-octane gasoline in the morning. It wakes me up like a fresh cup of coffee. Since a youth, I was always customizing and fixing up cars. And, my passion doesn't just stop there. I also have an undying love for motorcycles. With all that said, I never thought I'd find a career out of this passion, but here I am -- an auto-photojournalist.

2023 Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster Ride Review

Photographed along Route 66, throughout Nevada and Arizona in the United States.

Triumph’s iconic Bonneville lineup has been around for a long time. It was the British manufacturer's take on 50s motorcycle Americana and holds a special place in history as one of the original café racers. The first time I sat on the 2023 Bonneville Speedmaster, I wanted to pull out a comb, dip it in a can of grease lightning, slick my hair back, and throw a black leather jacket on with a pair of vintage bottom-cuffed blue jeans. This bike takes you back. Back to the classic rebellious biker films of the 50s and 60s. Triumph’s Bonneville was a cool bike. Cool enough for Marlon Brando, James Dean, Steve McQueen, and the Fonz in their prime. That’s pretty freakin’ cool.

After coming out of a 60s motorcycle film flashback, I saddled up my travel bag onto the Speedmaster, popped my collar, and shifted into gear like a rebel without a cause. The destination? I was headed to the Mojave Desert, through Las Vegas and Arizona on Classic Route 66. Afterward, I’d put this Bonneville to the ultimate test on what is known as the ‘Tail of the Dragon of the West Coast’.

Tried And Tested: Shoei RF-SR Helmet Review

The Shoei RF-SR is a masterwork of minimalism and aerodynamics, offering state-of-the-art ventilation, an anti-fogging shield, and premium comfort. The oval like shape fits most heads and shy's away from the over-sized head look of other wider and bigger helmet shapes. Not too big to make you look like a human bobble head. And, not too small to squeeze the cheeks in. It doesn't sit on your head. It hugs it. The outlines curve perfectly to match the physiology and shape of the head. It feels just right.

LEXIN B4FM Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Review

I spent a week on the road riding through flash floods, tropical storms, extreme heat, baking sun, hungry swamp mosquito swarms, cell-tower dead zones, and raging gale winds. The one piece of motorcycle equipment/gear that didn’t give into the hazards of the elements was the LEXIN B4FM Bluetooth Headset. When LEXIN says waterproof, they mean it, unlike my full-body hi-vis ‘supposed waterproof jumpsuit. This tiny motorcycle tech is rugged enough to ride with the toughest of riders through the roughest of rides. It is the steel-toe boot of Bluetooth motorcycle helmet comms devices. I took it on a roadtrip for a week and not once, did it need a charge. I wouldn’t be surprised if this tough little S.O.B. wasn’t labeled military grade.

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