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Good at not dying.

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Bad at playing it safe.


Call it the

'Evil Knievel Gene'.

You’ll notice the decor of a rosy glow from the scar brandished across the bridge of my nose. A daily reminder of the times I should have bit the dust.

Call it the 'Evil Knievel Gene'. According to my great tia, my great uncle was infamous for driving off of the snake-winding mountain-jungle roads of Puerto Rico.

Don’t ask why.  Ask how many times he drove off of those mountains and how many times he brushed off the dirt to make it back home.

Guess it runs in the family according to the screws, scars, and stitches... and that one shark, and that car that hit me, and those times on the motorcycle.

Add all of that to the childhood dreams of being an indestructible stuntman from all the movies, video games, and TV shows and I hope you can glimpse into my twisted world of imagination and creative theory.



Behance - Adobe Photoshop Feature


Sony World Photography Awards - Open, Portraiture

Communication Arts - Photography Annual (Shortlist)

Behance - Game Design Feature


International Photography Awards - People and Culture (Honorable Mention)

iPhone Photography Awards (Honorable Mention)
FWA Site of the Day
ADDY Awards (Silver)
CLIO Awards (Bronze)
Art Directors Club (Silver)
International ANDY Awards (Bronze)
Graphis New Talent Annual (Gold)
Lürzer’s Int’l Archive Advertising Worldwide Vol.6
One Show Merit Award (Integrated Campaign)
One Show Merit Award (Online Campaign)
One Show Merit Award (Online Ad)
Art Directors Club Gallery, New York
Art Directors Club Gallery, New York
Post No Bull, School of Visual Arts Gallery
Graphic Design USA, Package Design Award

"Manuel gets it. He gets ideas. He gets strategy. And he gets what it takes to make it big in this industry. He's passionate, talented and tenacious. Which is exactly what it takes to be successful in advertising. I have no doubt he'll go far."

- Matt Eastwood, GCCO, McCann

"To encapsulate Manuel's skill set within the service category drop down as, "web designer" is an injustice. His commitment to his work goes far beyond simple web design, he is a true digital artist. He brought an extensive appreciation and understanding of light, shadow, motion and overall elegance to our team. It would be a pleasure to work with him again, and I look forward to doing so."

- Christopher Smith, ECD, Publicis

I had the pleasure of working with Manuel at Northwestern Mutual and if you’re looking for someone who will never create anything expected or untrue, Manuel is your man. He is a talented Art Director, an original, and someone who sees stuff that everyone misses. He's is also an awesome human, always ready to lend a helping hand. I’d love to work with him again!

- Yuliya Levina, DD, Wunderman

"I’ve worked with Manuel on multiple projects at different agencies. Each time he has been very professional, hardworking and personable. He comes up with solid ideas, has a great sense of design and possesses a master-level knowledge of the Adobe Suite. I highly recommend working with Manuel if you get the chance."

- Brian Gallagher, CD, BBDO

"I would highly recommend Manuel. He is not only an extremely talented Designer, but he also consistently brought ideas to the table to improve the projects he was working on. He was able to manage multiple projects under tight deadlines without sacrificing his usual high quality of work. If you would like any further info about Manuel's stint at MRM feel free to reach out to me."

- Doug Darrigo, ECD, JWT

"Manuel rocks. I’ve been a brand planner at agencies for twelve years and I’ve met many talented Creatives but there are only a very few that actually possess what Manuel brings to every project. I call him the OCTO THREAT: a team player, a digital guru, a guy with street smarts , witty as heck, a guy with fantastic taste, an eye for great art and design, in tune with the pulse of culture, and a true partner you want in the trenches with you in the late hours before a presentation. He puts his heart and soul into the work and that’s what is most important in this crazy industry of ours."

- Jess Heckerling, SVP Brand Planning Director, Hudson Rouge

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